BTS / Bosch FDL-60

Brand: BTS/Philips
Product Code: BTS/Bosch FDL-60
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Film to Tape Telecine: The FDL-60 has under gone the following to ensure proper performance: -completely dismantled machine and all components are cleaned -all printed circuit boards in mainframe get resocketed with best quality new IC socket ( usually over 1000 sockets are replaced ) -optical assembly is dismantled, cleaned and checked ( chips are evaluated to meet factory specifications ) -check all mechanical parts -replace any defective bearings -both reel motors are rebuilt with special new bearings to ensure long life motors -mainframes are removed and all necessary wiring upgrades are done -DC power supply wiring replaced with heavy duty new wiring for enhanced stability -power supplies are tested and aligned and all filter capacitors ( electrolidic capacitors ) are replaced -tact wheel lamp in capstan motor replaced -all other lamps replaced as needed -projection lamp house is evaluated and all lamp sockets are replaced as needed -fans replaced as necessary -wav

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