Panasonic AG-3DP1 Twin-Lens 3D P2 HD Shoulder-Mount Camcorder 1 hour

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 Panasonic AG-3DP1G Twin-Lens 3D P2 HD Shoulder-Mount camcorder B-Stock. It was tested and is in working condition. It comes with a AJ-HVF21 B/W  Viewfinder. 

Designed for use with Panasonic's high-end P2 HD, DVCPRO HD production camera and also HD studio cameras, the AJ-CVF100G color viewfinder delivers accurate, high resolution color images combined with the ruggedness and high reliability not found in conventional CRT-based viewfinders. Utilizing high resolution LCOS display technology, the CVF100G faithfully reproduces the camera's image providing for fast, easy and accurate focus, smooth motion portrayal. The RGB processing and high resolution LCOS display assures maximum image quality and provides the camera operator with a window through which to view the world. 

For frigid weather shooting, the color viewfinder features a special imager heater for improved motion response speeds even in sub-zero temperatures. It utilizes a one-inch diameter LCOS imager system, yet has a similar form factor to the current Panasonic AJ-HVF21 viewfinder. Thereby, it can be easily added to existing cameras providing an instant upgrade in operational ease and quality. The CVF100G is HD/SD compatible and supports multiple frame rates and video formats.

The CVF100G viewfinder is compatible with Panasonic's P2 VariCam series (AJ-HPX3700 and AJ-HPX2700), the AJ-HPX3100, AJ-HPX3000 and AJ-HPX2000 P2 HD camcorders; the AJ-HDC27H VariCam and AJ-HDX900 DVCPRO HD camcorders; and the AK-HC3500 and AK-HC931B HD studio cameras.

The AG-3DP1 is a twin-lens 3D P2 HD shoulder-mount camcorder that records 10-bit, 4:2:2 independent-frame, full 1920 x 1080 resolution images in AVC-Intra. The 3DP1 incorporates two 1/3", full-HD 2.2 megapixel 3-MOS 3-chip imagers with enhanced sensitivity and a 20-bit Digital Signal Processor to acquire production quality, native 1920 x 1080 images for left and right eye. 

The HD twin-lens system with 17x zooming was developed exclusively for the 3DP1. With its high-precision assembly, no pre-shooting adjustment of the optical axis or angle of view is required. Focus, zoom and iris adjustments are synchronized accurately for the left and right lenses. The camcorder's 58mm inter-axial distance allows a broad shooting rage of approx. 15 to 100 feet. It boasts low chroma aberration and high resolution, and delivers superb color reproduction, detailed nuances and crisp 3D images even in dark scenes, with minimal flare and ghosting. 

Two pairs of 2.2-megapixel 1/3-type 3MOS sensors are mounted left and right, each employing full-pixel HD resolution to produce precisely synchronized full HD 3D images. Ultra Luminance Technology (U.L.T.) enables these image sensors to attain high-sensitivity, high-quality images, and a high-performance 20-bit Digital Signal Processor handles image rendering processes with exceptional precision. Drawing on technologies developed for the VariCam, the 3DP1 is equipped with advanced gamma functions that address six different shooting scenarios, including two Cine-Like Gammas for richer gradation.

The 3DP1 offers integrated features that eliminate that need for external equipment, such as a 3.2-inch LCD screen that provides the option to switch from Left, Right, or overlay image display for reviewing depth information, and stereoscopic adjustment controls for automatically adjusting the convergence point for immediate 3D capture. In addition to a zoom ring, focus ring and iris ring that approach the manual control levels of interchangeable lenses, the 3DP1 has an isolated convergence dial. By changing the convergence angle of the twin lenses, the convergence point can be adjusted forward or backward to control leaping effects and depth. Three modes (near/normal/extra) maximize the twin-lens zooming capability for effective 3D shooting over diverse viewing angles.

The 3DP1 can record for up to 80 minutes (each) on dual 64GB P2 cards in AVC-Intra 100 1080/24pN. Pro interfaces such as dual HD-SDI outs, HDMI (3D compatible) out, and two XLR connectors are also included. The camera offers genlock and time code inputs for multi-camera operation. It is also equipped with a remote terminal for focus iris, zoom, REC start/stop and convergence point.

Additionally, all the familiar benefits of a fast, file-based P2 HD workflow are included, such as instant recording startup, clip thumbnail view for immediate access to video content on all cards, and a host of time-saving recording modes including continuous and interval recording.

The 3DP1 records in AVC-Intra 100/50, and is 50Hz/60Hz switchable, an added benefit to producers with global clients. In AVC-Intra 100/50, it records in 1080 at 59.94i, 29.97pN, 23.98pN, 50i and 25pN, and in 720p at 59.94p, 50p, 29,97pN, 23.98pN and 25pN. For creative flexibility, the 3DP1 has variable frame rate recording for creating fast and slow motion effects. In 720p mode, a user can choose from 20 variable frame steps between 12 and 60 frames per second.


  • New 3D assist functions include overlay warning displays, with the convergence point shown in green, negative parallax shown in red, and positive parallax shown in yellow; a waveform display that shows the forward/backward relationship between the subject and the convergence plane as a waveform; and left/right/mix monitor selection.
  • Low power consumption operating on a 12V (Anton Bauer) battery
  • A 2D 2-slot dual recording mode records left-channel onto two P2 cards simultaneously
  • Focus assist function (enlarged view/focus bar)
  • AG-CA300G/BS300/EC4G Camera Extension System
  • Weighs just over 13 pounds, operates on a 12V (Anton Bauer) battery.
  • Records 16-bit, four-channel digital audio
  • Six preset/assignable Scene Files
  •  AJ-HVF21K or AJ-CVF100 Viewfinder can be used
Manufacturer Information
Specs Specs General: . Power Supply: DC 12 V (11 V to 17 V) Power Consumption: 38 W (Camera only) Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F) Operating Humidity: 10 % to 80 % (relative humidity) Keeping Temperature: –20 °C to 60 °C (–4 °F to 140 °F) Weight: Approx. 6.1 kg (13.4 lb) (camera unit only) Approx 7.9 kg (17.4 lb) (including an AJ-HVF21KG, a DIONIC battery, two P2 cards, and an AJ-MC900G microphone) Dimensions: 235 mm × 270.5 mm × 667.5 mm (W × H × D) (camera unit only, excluding protrusions) (9-1/4 inches × 10-5/8 inches × 26-1/4 inches) Camera Unit: . Pickup Devices: 1/3-type progressive, 2.2-megapixel, 3MOS sensor × 2 Lens: Optical 17 x, F1.6 (Wide) to F3.4 (Tele) Focal distance f 4.6 mm to 79 mm (35 mm equivalent 35.0 mm to 602 mm) Optical Color Separation: Prism system Distance Between the Optical Axes: Approx. 58 mm (2-5/16 inches) Reference Plane Adjustment Range: Approx. 1.1 m (43-5/16 inches) to∞ ND Filter: 4 positions (CLEAR, 1/4ND, 1/16ND, 1/64ND) Gain Settings: 0 dB, +3 dB, +6 dB, +9 dB, +12 dB Shutter Speed: 60i/60p mode 1/60 (OFF), 1/100, 1/120, 1/250 sec. 30p mode 1/30 (OFF), 1/60, 1/100, 1/120, 1/250 sec. 24p mode 1/24 (OFF), 1/60, 1/100, 1/120, 1/250 sec. 50i/50p mode 1/50 (OFF), 1/60, 1/120, 1/250 sec. 25p mode 1/25 (OFF), 1/50, 1/60, 1/120, 1/250 sec. Shutter Speed (Synchro Scan): 60i/60p mode 1/60.0 sec. to 1/249.8 sec. 30p mode 1/30.0 sec. sec. to 1/249.8 sec. 24p mode 1/24.0 sec. to 1/249.8 sec. 50i/50p mode 1/50.0 sec. to 1/250.0 sec. 25p mode 1/25.0 sec. to 1/250.0 sec. Shutter Speed (Slow): 60i/60p mode 1/15 sec., 1/30 sec. 30p mode 1/15 sec. 24p mode 1/12 sec. 50i/50p mode 1/12.5 sec., 1/25 sec. 25p mode 1/12.5 sec. Frame Rates: 59.94 Hz mode: variable 12/15/18/20/21/22/24/25/26/27/28/30/32/34/36/ 40/44/48/54/60 fps (frames per second) 50 Hz mode: variable 12/15/18/20/21/22/23/24/25/26/27/28/30/32/34/37/42/45/48/50 fps (frames per second) Memory Card Recorder Unit: 37/42/45/48/50 fps (frames per second) Recording Media: P2 card Recording Formats: AVC-Intra 100/AVC-Intra 50 Recording/Playback Time: AVC-Intra 100 approx. 60 min., with two 64 GB P2 cards (L/R) AVC-Intra 50 approx. 120 min., with two 64 GB P2 cards (L/R) *The times listed above can be continuously recorded as one clip. The number of recorded clips will reduce the above figures somewhat. Recorded Video Signals: 59.94 Hz mode 1080/59.94i, 1080/29.97pN, 1080/23.98pN, 720/59.94p, 720/29.97pN, 720/23.98pN 50 Hz mode 1080/50i, 1080/25pN, 720/50p, 720/25pN Digital Video Unit: . Sampling Frequency: AVC-Intra 100: Y 74.1758 MHz, PB/PR 37.0879 MHz AVC-Intra 50: Y 13.5 MHz, PB/PR 6.75 MHz Quantizing: 10 bit Video Compression: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 Intra Profile Digital Audio Unit: . Recording Signal: 48 kHz/16 bit, 4CH Head Room: 20 dB/18 dB Menu selectable Video Input/Output Unit: . GENLOCK IN: BNC × 1, 1.0 V [p-p], 75 Ω HD SDI OUT: BNC × 2 (L/R), 0.8 V [p-p], 75 Ω HD SDI MONITOR OUT: BNC × 1, 0.8 V [p-p], 75 Ω HDMI OUT: A type × 1 • Simultaneous output with HD SDI OUT is not possible. HD SDI RETURN IN: BNC × 1, 0.8V [p-p], 75 Ω Audio Input/Output Unit: . MIC IN: XLR, 5-pin, +48 V (available) available menu selections –40 dBu/–50 dBu AUDIO IN: XLR × 2, 3-pin (CH1, CH2) LINE/MIC/+48 V (selectable) LINE: available menu selections +4 dBu/0 dBu/–3 dBu MIC: available menu selections –50 dBu/–60 dBu Earphone: ø.5 mm stereo mini jack × 2 WIRELESS: 25-pin, D-SUB, –40 dBu Internal Speaker: 28 mm diameter × 1 Other Input/Output Unit: . TC IN: BNC × 1, 0.5 V [p-p] to 8 V [p-p], 10 kΩ TC OUT: BNC × 1, low impedance, 2.0 V ± 0.5 V [p-p] DC IN: XLR × 1, 4 pins, DC 12 V (DC 11.0 V to 17.0 V) DC OUT: 4 pins, DC 12 V (DC 11.0 V to 17.0 V), Maximum rated current: 1.5 A REMOTE: 10 pins Camera Remote: ZOOM S/S: Super mini jack (2.5 mm diameter) × 1 FOCUS IRIS: Super mini jack (3.5 mm diameter) × 1 CONVERGENCE: Super mini jack (2.5 mm diameter) × 1 LCD Monitor Unit: LCD monitor: 82 mm (3.2 inch) color LCD monitor with approx. 921,000 dots (16:9) Standard Accessories: Shoulder belt, Microphone holder, XLR Connector Cap*, Lens Cap*, BNC Cap*, CD-ROM *These accessories are attached to the units. Footnotes: *Weight and dimensions shown are approximate. *Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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