Lynx Technik SPG 1707 Yellobrik

Brand: Lynx Technik
Product Code: Lynx Technik SPG 1707 Yellobrik
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HD / SD Sync Pulse Generator with Genlock - HDTV and SDTV Sync simultaneously - Genlock with cross lock to ANY sync standard - Audio reference output 48KHz and DARS - Precision Sync Generator with 2ppm accuracy


  • Wide variety of HDTV Sync standards
  • Simultaneous HD and SD analog sync outputs
  • 3 x HD sync outputs and 3 x SD sync outputs
  • Genlock with cross lock to any sync standard
  • Sync only, Color bars or Black Burst for SD sync
  • NTSC, PAL or PAL M/N sync outputs
  • Burst phase adjustment for NTSC and PAL sync
  • 48KHz Word Clock or DARS audio reference output




A very resilient and versatile sync generator, that will deliver simultaneous sources of HDTV Tri-level and SDTV Bi-level sync.


The Genlock capability is what makes the module stand out from the rest. Cross lock to any sync signal regardless of the output sync format selected. Ideal if you need a source of HDTV Tri-level sync locked to a SDTV Black reference, or if you need to lock across standards For example connect a PAL sync and get frequency locked NTSC sync and HDTV Tri-level sync outputs. A great problem solver.


The HDTV tri-level sync outputs can be set to any of the available HDTV standards, and the SDTV bi-level outputs can be set for NTSC, PAL or PAL M/N. The SDTV, HDTV and audio sync signals are all frequency locked together, or locked to the reference input if connected. The SDTV sync outputs can be Color Bars, Black Burst or Sync only, with selectable 7.5 IRE pedestal for NTSC standards, with adjustable burst phase in 8 increments.


The sync generator is robust and temperature stabilized, suitable as a reference source with 2ppm accuracy.


All user controls are located on the top of the module clearly labelled and easily accessible. This facilitates simple changes to module function and configuration without referring to a manual. The compact portable design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in broadcast and mobile production environments.

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