Leitch NEO FR-3923 Frame w/ 5 Modules

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Product Code: Leitch NEO FR-3923 Frame w/ 5 Modules
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Leitch NEO FR-3923 Frame with 5 modules and 2 power supplies. The unit powers on and was tested to be in working condition.  

  • 2-SFS-3901 SDI/ Embedded Audio Synchronizer/ Proc Amp Module
  • 2-DAS-3901 Composite Decoder/Analog audio Synchronizer/Proc Amp/Multiplexer Module
  • 1- VFS-3901 SDI Frame Synchronizer Module
  • 2-Power Supplies

NEO frames have been designed with the future in mind, offering flexibility for multiple applications of use, and housing any combination of video/audio analog/digital conversion and distribution modules. The frames offer an easy upgrade path of video and audio from analog and SDI to HD-SDI for broadcast, post-production, cable and telco applications requiring monitoring and control capability of incoming and outgoing feeds. There are two frame sizes available for NEO products. The 3RU frame holds 12 NEO products, up to two redundant power supplies and up to two IP-based communications resource modules (or one alarm interconnect module).


  • Capacity of 12 modules in the FR-3923 frame
  • Wide variety of possible applications for analog, HD and SD
  • Power and cooling capabilities for any module combination
  • Ethernet interface for remote control and monitoring (using the 3901RES-E module)
  • Front-loading, hot-swappable modules, fans, power supplies and resource modules

The DAS-3901 Simplicity series combines both audio and video processing functions on a single module. TheDAS-3901 is optimally designed to handle the ingest and timing of composite video and up to four channels of analog audio into a digital facility. It offers Harris's industry leading, fourth generation 3D adaptive decoder for unsurpassed SDI video quality. Analog audio is converted to digital and synchronized to the video. Both video and audio proc amps are included to correct input levels, prior to ingest into the broadcast facility. Timed audio may be output as both discrete AES and embedded into the timed SDI output.

The SFS-3901 Simplicity series combines both embedded audio and video processing functions on a single module. The SFS-3901 is optimally designed to handle the ingest and timing of SDI video with embedded audio into a digital facility. It demultiplexes up to 2 groups of embedded audio from the SDI input, synchronizes them to the video path (compressed audio is delayed) and remultiplexes them into the SDI output. Demultiplexed AES audio may either be linear or compressed audio. The video input is synchronized to house reference. Both video and audio procamps are included to correct input levels prior to ingest into the broadcast facility. The video proc amp operates in the composite video domain, YprPb video domain or the GBR video domain. An audio shuffler with mute, invertand summing is also included to rearrange audio channels to  conform to facility conventions. Timed audio is remultiplexed into
the timed SDI output. 


The VFS-3901 video frame synchronizer is optimally designed to handle the ingest and timing of SDI video into a digital facility. It may also be used to solve timing problems within a digital. A video proc amp is included to correct input levels. It provides “composite-like” procs: black level, luminance level, chrominance level, white clip, black clip, and hue (525 only). The VFS-3901 generates an audio video timing pulse on the NEO® midplane to permit separate audio synchronizer modules to track the video synchronizer. This combination allows both audio and video to be timed together into a digital facility.


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