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Grass Valley Gecko 8900 Tray w/ 7 8941, 8920MUX Modules

Brand: Grass Valley
Product Code: Grass Valley Gecko 8900 Tray w/ 7-8941,8920MUX Mods
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Grass Valley Gecko 8900 Tray with 8 Modules and 2 Power Supplies. The unit powers on and was tested to be in working condition. 


  • 7-8941- 270 MBPS Monitoring DA
  • 1-8920MUX Video/ Audio Multiplexer Module
  • 2 Power Supplies

Built on the success of our popular 8900 Series Distribution Amplifiers, the
enhanced 8900 Series frames offer higher power capacity with a 100 watt
power supply and an optional Ethernet interface for centralized remote
monitoring and control. With the increased power and cooling capacity the
8900 Series can support any combination of modules – even a full complement
of our highest power modules. The 8900 Series now provides a one
frame solution for your “Transition to Digital.” 


  • High density with 10 slots in 2 RU frame
  • 10 BNCs per slot for ample I/O
  • 100 W power supplies accomodate all module combination
  • Ethernet interface for remote control & monitoring
  • Self-contained cooling fans in 8900TF front cover require no additional fan units
  • Temperature controlled fan speeds to reduce fan noise
  • Passive loopthrough inputs
  • Frame status LEDs on front cover

The 8941 270 MBPS Monitoring DA module encodes one channel of a serial digital component video into NTSC or PAL analog composite video. The selection of output format, NTSC or PAL, is automatic depending on the input line rate. Four reclocked serial digital video outputs (2 inverting and 2 non-inverting) are also provided. The module has auto-equalization for up to 300 meters of Belden 8281 (or equivalent). There is an Equalizer (EQ) warning LED to indicate when the equalizer is approaching maximum capacity.


  • Loop-through input
  • Four analog outputs
  • Two inverting reclocked digital outputs
  • Two non-inverting reclocked digital outputs
  • Auto format selection
  •  Auto-equalization
  • Meets SMPTE 259M or EBU Tech 3267 standard
  • Ancillary data detection
  • Ancillary audio data detection
  •  Health monitoring
The 8920MUX can multiplex up to  two dual-channel, 20- or 24-bit AES/EBU audio  streams (up to four discrete channels). The 20-  or 24-bit AES streams are grouped together  and given a unique group ID. This AES group  is then inserted into the ancillary data space of  the 525 or 625 serial digital component video  signal. The 8920MUX is able to add a new  AES group into empty ancillary data space, or  it can replace an existing AES group—without disturbing the remaining AES groups. Digital  audio inputs can be either 75Ω unbalanced or  110Ω balanced.


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