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Grass Valley Gecko 8900 Tray w/ 10-8916 Modules

Brand: Grass Valley
Product Code: Grass Valley Gecko 8900 Tray w/ 10-8916 Mods
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Grass Valley Gecko 8900 Tray with 10 Modules and 2 Power Supplies. The unit powers on and was tested to be in working condition.  


  • 10-8916 AES/EBU Autotracking Digital Audio Delay Module
  • 2 Power Supplies

Built on the success of our popular 8900 Series Distribution Amplifiers, the
enhanced 8900 Series frames offer higher power capacity with a 100 watt
power supply and an optional Ethernet interface for centralized remote
monitoring and control. With the increased power and cooling capacity the
8900 Series can support any combination of modules – even a full complement
of our highest power modules. The 8900 Series now provides a one
frame solution for your “Transition to Digital.” 


  • High density with 10 slots in 2 RU frame
  • 10 BNCs per slot for ample I/O
  • 100 W power supplies accomodate all module combination
  • Ethernet interface for remote control & monitoring
  • Self-contained cooling fans in 8900TF front cover require no additional fan units
  • Temperature controlled fan speeds to reduce fan noise
  • Passive loopthrough inputs
  • Frame status LEDs on front cover
The 8916 delays digital audio to adjust for  lip sync errors. Lip sync specifications are  usually expressed as +1/-2 video frames of  audio leading/lagging video. Because human  perception tolerates audio lagging better than  audio leading video, the specification is looser  for audio lag. The 8916 offers tremendous  flexibility with two forms of delay that are  summed—a fixed delay of up to 0.5 seconds  and a variable delay based on the signal input  from one of our video frame synchronizers.  Key applications include adjusting for a large  fixed lip sync error while continuously adjusting  audio delay to match video delay created from  a video frame sync
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