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AAdynTech Punch Daylight Cinema Series Light w/ Wireless DMX & RDM- CCT 5600K  

Punch Daylight Cinema

The AAdynTech Punch Daylight Cinema is the most powerful daylight-balanced white light professional LED fixture available today. Now the Punch is coupled with high CRI (92+) performance to create the Punch Daylight Cinema fixture. Flicker free up to 12,000 fps, the fixture delivers an incredible output of 3,670 fc @ 10 feet, more powerful than a 2,500 watt HMI, while consuming less than 5 amps of power. The Punch Daylight Cinema is self-contained with a universal power supply and, unlike traditional HMI’s, the need for heavy and expensive head cables, ballasts or spare lamps is eliminated, dramatically reducing transport weight. Crew and talent safety is always a concern and the Punch Daylight Cinema generates minimal heat and can be held with bare hands, and harmful UV or IR emissions are virtually eliminated. Instant ‘ON’ ensures no warm-up wait time on set. The Punch Daylight Cinema comes with a built-in Wireless DMX/RDM Receiver. This model may be operated in either wired or wireless configuration further expanding its versatility.

Specially designed four holographic lenses provide optical efficiency by creating a single light source, effectively eliminating multiple shadows. These four quick change lenses are included to adjust the beam angle for a very narrow, narrow, medium or flood while maintaining a flat, even field. The UIM Digital Remote provides precise control over dimming with user selectable variable dimming curves, a smart lamp hour counter, multiple memory recordings and a host of other features including strobe and lightning effects. A heavy-duty yoke is provided.

No Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 121,500 39,500 17,770
Foot Candles 11,300 3,670 1,650
5° Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 80,845 28,350 12,820
Foot Candles 7,510 2,634 1,190
15° Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 56,134 18,730 8,266
Foot Candles 5,215 1,740 768
30° Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 28,200 7,273 3,162
Foot Candles 2,620 676 294
55° Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 10,012 2,500 1,118
Foot Candles 930 232 104

Diffuser Beam Angle Field Angle
13.3° 18.9°
16.2° 263°
15° 18.3° 33.4°
30° 28.1° 50.1°
55° 45.3° 76.7°

At 90° angle to incident surface

Control UIM, Wired & Wireless DMX/RDM
Source LED, 5600° CCT, 92+ CRI
Life Expectancy 60,000 Hours
Cooling Passive/Active
Mounting Junior Pin/28mm Spigot
Certifications ETL, UL, CSA, CE and RoHS Compliant
Length 431.4 mm 17.0 in.
Width 468.9 mm 18.5 in.
Height 515.5 mm 20.3 in.
Weight 22 kg 48.4 lbs
Input Voltage 100-277 Vac  
Input Freq 50/60 Hz
Input Current 4.87 Amp@120V 584.4 W @ full
Connection PowerCon Twist Lock connector  

RoHS Compliant

6,000 foot candles @10 feet

Daylight-Balanced at 5600°K

Dimmable with no color shift

No Harmful UV or IR Radiation

Product Features AAdyn Tech
Punch Daylight Cinema
2500 Watt HMI
Luminance Output @ 2 feet beam diameter(f/c) 6,000 4,100
Power Usage @ 110v AC(Watt) 539 2,860
Kilowatt Hour Year @ 24/7 Operation(Kw/Yr) 4,708 24,984
Heat Emitted(Btu/Hr) 1,839 9,759
Life Span Element @ 24/7 Operation(Hours) 60,000 500
Life Span Element @ 24/7 Operation(Months) 80.0 1.0
RoHS Compliant Yes Yes
Low Temperature Sensitivity None Some
Humidity Sensitivity None Some
On/Off Cycling Sensitivity1 None Some
Instant On Yes No
Hot Re-strike Yes No
Durability2 Yes No

1 – Sensitivity to On/Off cycling can shorten product lifespan of the HMI

2 – Punch Plus Daylight= Very Durable, Incandescent 2500 HMI = Glass Breakage


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