Aadyntech JAB Variable Cinema Series Light

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Aadyntech JAB Variable Cinema Series Light 

- Jab Vairable w/ Adjustable Color Temperature from CCT 3000K to CCT 6000K 

JAB Variable Cinema

The JAB Variable Cinema has an adjustable color temperature range of 3,000°K to 6,000°K and develops an output of 1,414 fc @ 10 feet. Most remarkable is the Variable draws only 1.78 amp of power at full output, and can be operated at 28.8v DC battery power in situations where conventional A/C supply is problematic or non-existent. Like all AAdynTech fixtures, the Variable generates no heat or harmful UV or IR emissions, is self-contained with an auto-ranging universal power supply requiring no ballast, head cables or lamps, and instant ON ensures no warm-up wait time on set.

Optical efficiency provides a single light source eliminating multiple shadows. The Variable comes equipped with four quick change lenses to vary the beam angle for spot, medium or flood while maintaining a flat, even field of light. There are several control possibilities with the Variable; built in User Interface Module (UIM) with Kelvin temperature display, DMX with DMX loop-thru, or via the optional corded UIM Controller with Kelvin temperature display. A heavy-duty yoke is provided and a full set of accessory options are available; barn doors, ATA Mil-spec road cases, speed rings, light banks, filters and more. Several Kit versions coupled with various accessories and housed in a rugged Mil-Spec waterproof molded rolling case. When your production requires precise color temperature control and reliable even lighting; the JAB V2 Variable by AAdynTech has no peer.

No Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 48,930 15,216 6,685
Foot Candles 4,546 1,414 621
5° Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 36,062 10,946 4,640
Foot Candles 3,3150 1,017 431
15° Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 26,430 7,383 3,435
Foot Candles 2,455 686 320
30° Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 10,230 2,873 1,152
Foot Candles 950 267 107
55° Diffuser @5 Feet @10 Feet @15 Feet
Lux 4,094 953 465
Foot Candles 380 89 43

Diffuser Beam Angle Field Angle
14.1° 17.1°
17.6° 22.6°
15° 19.2° 30.6°
30° 28.4° 48.5°
55° 50.1° 73.8°

At 90° angle to incident surface

Control UIM, DMX, Optional corded UIM
Source LED, 3,000K to 6,000°K, 92+ CRI
Cooling Passive
Mounting Baby Pin or Junior
Certifications ETL, UL, CSA, CE and RoHS Compliant
Length 339.0 mm 13.3 in
Width 326.5 mm 12.9 in
Height 554.9 mm 21.8 in
Weight 8.9 kg 19.5 lbs
Input Voltage 100-277v AC Battery (48v DC)
Input Freq 50/60 Hz
Input Current 1.78 Amp@120V 120 watts @ full
Connection US NEMA 5-15  

RoHS Compliant

Variable Kelvin – 3000K to 6000K

Dimmable with no color shift

Draws 1.78 amps at max output

No Harmful UV or IR Radiation


Product Features AAdyn Tech
JAB V2 Variable
200w HMI 400w HMI
Luminance Output @ 10 feet(f/c) 1,414 968 1,351
Variable Kelvin Temperature (3000K to 6000K) Yes No No
Power Usage @ 110v AC(Watt) 195 330 605
Battery Operated(30 Volt DC) Yes – Single Battery Yes – Dual Batteries Yes – Dual Batteries
Kilowatt Hour Year @ 24/7 Operation(Kw/Yr) 1,633 2,871 5,263
Heat Emitted(Btu/Hr) 638 1,125 2,057
Life Span Element @ 24/7 Operation(Hours) 60,000 200 700
Life Span Element @ 24/7 Operation(Months) 80.0 .25 1.0
Operating Temperature Range -20c to +50c N/L N/L
Weather Rating IP 61 IP 54 IP 54
Humidity Sensitivity None Some Some
On/Off Cycling Sensitivity1 None Some Some
Durability2 Yes No No

1 – Sensitivity to On/Off cycling can shorten product lifespan of the HMI

2 – JAB Variable = Very Durable, 400 & 800 = Glass Breakage


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