Hitachi Z-4000W Digital Camera Studio Pkg w/ SDI, TU-Z3A, RC-Z21A

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Hitachi Z4000W Digital Camera Studio Package with SDI Triax Base Station, Viewfinder, Fuji Lens, Camera Control Panel and remote zoom & focus. All has been tested and is in working condition. The camera was pixel compensated. There is a line through the picture @18db, you can't see @0,6 or 9db. Only what is pictured and listed below is included.

NO Triax Cables, NO hood for lens, No hood for Studio Viewfinder and NO ENG Viewfinder

Package Includes:

  • Hitachi Z-4000W Digital Studio Camera w/ triax adaptor back
  • Fujinon A20x8.6BRM-SD Lens
  • Hitachi Studio Viewfinder
  • Hitachi TU-Z3A Triax Base Stations w/ SDI (in rackmount)
  • Hitachi RC-Z21A Camera Control Panel w/ cable that connects to CCU
  • Tripod Plate
  • Complete set of Zoom & Focus Controls

Hitachi has once again elevated the standard by which professional video cameras are judged with the introduction of our Z-4000W. This latest generation of Z-camera has improved performance over previous models by the incorporation of the newest electronic devices and circuit designs. Popular features such as aspect ratio switching have been retained to facilitate TV program production for SDTV in 4:3 and HDTV in 16:9. Pristine picture quality in both aspect ratios is provided by the use of new high-performance CCD imaging devices. These new CCDs bring to reality never before seen performance in the areas of picture quietness, highlight smear suppression and object depth-of-field characteristics. Hitachi's Digital Signal Processing now benefits from an increased dynamic range and resolution offered by the latest generation of 12 bit Analog to Digital converters at the output of the CCD imaging device. The new ADCs make it possible to eliminate analog pre-processing associated with older devices thereby decreasing the manipulation of the image signal prior to digital processing. Hitachi's latest Digital Signal Processor VLSIC is at the heart of the Z-4000W's upgraded performance. The new DSP offers superior color rendition and reproduction characteristics while offering the highest accuracy in edge definition. This translates to cleaner, sharper images. Also performed in the digital domain within the Z-4000W's DSP device, are video signal encoding and advanced noise reduction for low-light scenes. The Z-4000W camera is also easily configured for studio use. Hitachi's newly designed FM-modulated triax system has also been improved over previous systems. The newer features include extended cable distance between camera control unit and camera head, lower noise figures and higher signal to noise ratio.

Packaking and Handling Fee $15.00 (THERE WILL BE MULTIPLE BOXES Contact for shipping quote)

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