Hitachi SK-UHD4000 HDTV Studio Broadcast 4K Ultra-HDTV Camera System

Brand: Hitachi
Product Code: Hitachi SK-UHD4000 HDTV Studio Broadcast 4K Ultra-HDTV
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Up to now, 4K TV production camera systems have been prohibitively expensive due to the special lenses required albeit efforts from camera manufacturers to lower the cost of such systems. Custom lens mounts have even been developed to facilitate the use of special Cine-style lenses that offer limited zoom ratios, operational controls, different depth-of-field characteristics and costly or inefficient production workflows.


Features & Functions

  • Employs B4 [BTA S-1005A] 2/3-inch lenses the industry standard.
  • B4 lenses have a standardized image size, flange-back distance and electrical interface with the camera.
  • Compatible with existing and future HDTV broadcast, bayonet mount lenses from all manufacturers.
  • Allows 4K productions using 2K B4 mount optics without any sort of attenuating adapter like the ones in single sensor 4K cameras. Adapters additionally void any electronic chromatic aberration correction system offered by the camera.
  • Functions as a normal 2K (1920x1080/60p) 3G camera while recording 4K in real time.
  • Employs HITACHI RLAC [Real-time Lens Aberration Correction] system that eliminates most lenses’ lateral chromatic aberrations.
  • Designed around the latest generation of CMOS sensors.
  • A High Signal to Noise Ratio of 59dB is achieved in full 4K [4096 x 2160 pixel] raster image.
    A high sensitivity of F8.0 is achieved in full 4K [3840 × 2160/59.94/P] progressively scanned raster image.
  • High resolution with effective 4K pixels: 8.8 million
  • Super-sampled 1920x1080 (2K) HD-SDI outputs. (down-converted from 4K) offers superb image quality.
  • Retains a faithful 4:2:2 color space at 10-bits/sample.
  • Camera head power consumption: <38W.
  • Employs existing SMPTE-304/311 Hybrid fiber cable and connectivity.
  • Available 2x 2K progressive outputs directly from the camera head.
  • AC Power + Digital and analog teleprompter outputs at the camera head.


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