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Fujinon Cabrio ZK3.5x85 85-300MM T2.9 CABRIO PL Mount Zoom Lens

Brand: Fujinon
Product Code: 85-300MM T2.9 CABRIO
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Fujinon Cabrio 85-300MM T2.9 CABRIO PL Mount Zoom Lens 

Fujinon introduces the new 85-300mm PL mount zoom lens. Like the PL 19-90, it’s part of Fujinon’s Premier line, and of course it is a Cabrio – as in cabriolet – convertible. The convertible part is the quickly removable zoom handgrip. Similar to ENG/EFP servo drives, it has built-in lens motors for focus, iris, and zoom. A rocker controls the zoom. Designed using the latest optical simulation technology, the PL 85-300 Cabrio offers exceptional optical perform- ance – rich contrast, high resolution, and superb color fidelity. Like the highly acclaimed PL 19-90 Cabrio, the PL 85-300 is equipped with the same indispensable features. The Cabrio connects with the electronic "hot shoe" contacts in the lens mounts of newer PL-mount cameras. If you're using the lens with Preston, Arri, HedĂ©n, Servicevision, or cmotion systems, simply back off the 4 screws and detach the handgrip system. When you reattach it, the drive is self-centering. Here’s an entirely new take on lightweight PL zoom lenses and how we handle them. 


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