Panasonic AW-HEA10W Tap-Assist Camera Control Module Demo

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Panasonic AW-HEA10W  Tap-Assist Camera Control Module Demo

Panasonic's AW-HEA10W is a Control Assist Camera module that supports flexible and intuitive operation of an HD Integrated Camera*1 by allowing wireless control from an iPad*2. PTZ control is possible with just a single tap on the panoramic view of the scene. Allows up to 100 sets*3 of cameras to be registered in a single iPad and the camera can be switched during the operation. This model comes in white.


*1: AW-HE130W/K, AW-HE40 Series, and AW-HE60S/H only. When used with the AW-HE60S/H, in some cases an AW-HE60S/H software upgrade will be necessary. 
*2: An iPad is required (sold separately). The "PTZ Cntrl" app for iPad (free download from the App Store) is required.
*3: When HD integrated cameras and Control Assist Cameras are combined.

When the AW-HEA10 tap-assist module is teamed with the appropriate camera it becomes a complete solution with an optional tablet* (*The AW-HEA10 is currently supported on iPad; Android and Windows tablet support is planned) and network connection. When shooting with the primary HE40 or HE130 PTZ camera, a super wide-angle video image is simultaneously captured by the HEA10 and displayed on the tablet screen. Tapping the desired area of the image on the tablet allows the user to move the PTZ quickly and smoothly to capture the selected shot. Remote camera operation is thus significantly simplified and accelerated by allowing instant selection of a new shooting angle, eliminating the need to manually zoom out and reposition the camera. Zooming can be controlled via the familiar “pinching” motion, or via an on-screen control. Up to nine pre-set main-camera shots can also be selected via dedicated on-screen buttons.

Because the primary HE40/HE130 camera can be controlled using the HEA10’s wide-angle view as a reference, the PTZ can be operated even when selecting a shot that can’t be viewed in the primary camera’s frame. This ability makes the system especially effective for remote seminars, sports, medical education, news, panel discussions and similar applications. Even non-technical personnel can easily select appropriate shots with this system, while experienced camera operators can use the HEA10 to expand the scope of their remote video production.

When using traditional camera controllers, the operator may sometimes miss action that happens outside the primary camera frame. With the tap-assist camera system, these changes in the action can be previewed in the wide-angle tablet view, and instantly responded to by simply tapping the tablet. Even when shooting rapidly changing circumstances, nothing need be missed.  

The very wide-angle horizontal view of the HEA10 is also available via an HDMI output, and can be used for input to a local production switcher for a wide-angle POV shot or other uses. POE+.compatibility simplifies integration and expands the range of uses.


Panasonic AW-HEA10 Applications:


  • Government Meetings: Even the unexpected remarks of a participant without a preset position can be quickly handled with intuitive operations. In combination with wide-angle video with an overall view, it is possible to sensitively capture video suitable for constantly changing assembly sessions.
  • Tour Courses: In places like zoos, by shooting the animals' overall space, it is possible to easily find the constantly moving animals themselves. For places that are difficult to see from the tour course, the staff can manually operate the camera while giving easy-to-understand explanations using a large-screen monitor.
  • Symposium / Lecture Capture: Excellent for use in situations (lectures, etc.) where the speakers have not been defined in advance. The camera can be quickly and easily controlled to zoom in on random speakers whose positions have not been preset.
  • TV Conferences: With one iPad, even participants can control the HDintegrated camera for lively teleconferencing. With the wide-angle view, it is possible to quickly capture the speaker with just a tap.


Panasonic AW-HEA10 Features:


  • Ultra wide angle full HD live images to assistcontrol: A 1/4.37 type (effective size) 3.91 megapixel MOS sensor and asingle-focus 95° horizontal ultra wide angle lens enable wide and clearoverview shots to assist control of HD Integrated Cameras.
  • Easy operation by the free "PTZ Cntrl" app for iPad:Download the free "PTZ Cntrl" app for iPad and install it to enable wirelesscontrol of the camera from the iPad. Operations can be made by touching thescreen of the overall image from the Control Assist Camera and an image froman HD Integrated Camera.
  • Flexible setup and two color variations to choosefrom: Cameras can be set up suspended from the ceiling or standing, dependingon the operating environment. The camera angle is manually adjustable with apan range of ±30° and a tilt range of ±45°.
  • Two color variations are also available: white andblack. Select the setup type and color according to the intended applicationand environment.
  • PoE*5 support for less cabling and reduced installation cost: Connectionto network devices supporting PoE (IEEE 802.3af compliant) allows power to besupplied via an Ethernet cable. This eliminates the need for power supplyconstruction and laying power cable, allowing for fewer cords when installingand reduced installation expenses.

NOTE: *5: Abbreviation of Power over Ethernet

  • HDMI output: The HDMI output allows you to use the video captured by theControl Assist Camera by outputting to devices equipped with HDMI. Multipleformats*6 are supported (1080/59.94p, 1080/50p, 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i,720/59.94p, 720/50p, 480/59.94p, and 576/50p signals).

NOTE: *6: Output to iPad is 640 × 360 or 320 × 180.


Panasonic AW-HEA10 Specifications:


  • General:
    • Power requirements:
      • 5.0V DC/0.86 A (when using AC adaptor)
      • 44 - 57 V DC/0.14 A (PoE power supply)
    • Allowable operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
    • Allowable relative humidity: 10% to 80% (no condensation)
    • Unit Weight: Aprox. 0.9 kg (1.98 lbs) - excluding mounting brackets
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 183 mm x 65 mm x 225 mm (7-3/16 in. x 2-9/16 in. x 8-7/8 in.)
  • Camera Unit:
    • Image Sensor:
      • 1/2.33-inch MOS solid-state image sensor (Effective size of image sensor: 1/4.37-inch)
      • Total pixels: Approx. 15.3 million
      • Effective pixels:
      • Video: Approx. 3.91 million (16:9)
  • Lens:
    • F2.0 (f = 2.15 mm)
    • 35 mm equivalent; Approx. 18.0 mm (16:9)
    • Field of View: 95° (horizontal), 56° (vertical) - When zoom is 1x
    • Shutter speed: 1/60 to 1/12000
    • White balance: ATW, Sunny, Cloudy, Indoor1, Indoor2, AWB A, AWB B
    • Standard illumination: 1,400 lx
    • Minimum illumination: Approx. 20 lx (1/60 in auto mode)
  • Input/Output Connector:
    • HDMI: HDMI connector

NOTE: HDCP is not supported. Viera Link is not supported

    • Network: 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, RJ-45 connector, Automatic recognition of straight/crossover cable
    • USB: Mini-B port: Used for maintenance
    • SD Memory Card:
    • microSD card slot: Used for maintenance
  • "PTZ Cntrl" compatible devices and operating systems:


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