Panasonic P2 Studio AG-BS300/AG-CA300/AG-EC4

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Designed for applications where the camera is used on-shoulder, the P2 Studio package expands on the basic camcorder studio package — including the compact digital Base Station (AG-BS300), a lightweight camera adapter (AG-CA300G), and an Extension Control Unit (AG-EC4G) – by adding an AG-YA500G viewfinder interface box. With the YA500G, users can display return video and tally in the ENG viewfinder.

The AG-BS300 digital base station, which features two HD/SD SDI outputs and a composite video output, connects with the AG-CA300G camera adapter via optional studio cables, available in 100-meter (approx. 328 ft.), 50-meter (approx 164 ft.), and 25-meter (approx 82 ft.) lengths. The AG-EC4G extension control unit provides remote control of the base station and be used remotely or attached directly the camera. It comes standard with a 10-meter (approx. 32 ft.) cable, and can be extended up to 50 meters (approx. 164 ft.) with optional cables.

  • Flexible camcorder studio system for applications that require tally indication and return in the ENG viewfinder (e.g. shooting on-shoulder)
  • Viewfinder interface box compatible with Panasonic AJ-CVF100G, AJ-HVF21G, AJ-VF20WB and AJ-VF15B viewfinder models (NOT for use with the AG-HPX300 camcorder's viewfinder)
  • AG-EC4G Extension control unit offers control of gain up/down, output camera/bar selection (linked to auto knee), white balance A/B/Preset selection, AWB/ABB execution, shutter SS/Fix/Off selection and speed setting, iris auto/manual selection and adjustment, master pedestal, painting, camera menu settings, recorder operation (Rec/Play/FF/Rew/Rec check) and programmable user buttons
  • Lightweight camera adapter mounts directly on back of camcorder with two short interconnections for added flexibility
  • Optional accessories include the 300LenReturn cable, which enables access to return video for framing shots, a range of studio cables, shelf rack kit and rack unit
  • Optional battery plate required when using local battery sources (Anton Bauer, IDX, etc.)
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