Ikegami HL-45W 3CCD Camera Chain Qty 2 w/ OCP-40, BS-40, Fuji A12x6.8BRM-58

Brand: Ikegami
Product Code: Ikegami HL-45W 3CCD Camera
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Two Ikegami HL-45W 3CCD Camera Chains. They come with accessories. Everyting has been tested and is in working condition. Both Cameras have 2 pixels out @0db. Both back focus knobs are broken off on the lenses but they still back focus manually. Only What is pictured and listed below is included. NO Triax Cables, ENG Viewfinders and Studio Viewfinders


  • 2 Ikegami HL-45W 3CCD Cameras
  • 2 TA-40 Triax Adaptors
  • 2 BS-40 Triax Base Stations (NO SDI)
  • 2 OCP-40 Remotes w/ cables
  • 2 Fuji A12x6.8BRM-58 Lenses 2 T-791 Tripod Plates

The HL-45W is a cutting-edge, high-performance digital camera with new-generation ASICs that support reductions in camera size, weight and power consumption. High performance is achieved through three IT CCDs that provide an astounding 750(HL-45W) TV lines, or more, resolution, a modulation depth of 75% (5MHz), a dynamic range of 600%, a sensitivity of f11 (HL-45W) at 2000 lux and a S/N of 64dB (NTSC), 61dB (PAL). For cost-savings, the HL-45W connects with existing TA/BS-OCP-40, and newly developed TA/BS/OCP-45 for wideband triax operation. The HL-45W sports a slew of capabilities for leading-edge performance. For example, a memory card can store operating status to facilitate camera setup. The camera uses an advanced RGB DTL System to enhance resolution, plus much more, all made possible through advanced digital signal processing.

Packaging and Handling Fee $20.00 (Multplie boxes, Please Call for Quote)

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