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Oxmoor DCA-2 Dual Channel Audio Precise Digital Control Attenuator w/ 2 RC-16

Brand: Oxmoor
Product Code: Oxmoor DCA-2
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Oxmoor DCA-2 Dual Channel Audio Precise Digital Control Attenuator with 2 RC-16 Remotes. The unit was tested to power on and is in working condition.

The DCA-2 is a sleek, rack-mountable box that provides control of two discrete audio channels (90 dB of isolation provided for two unrelated programs), or control of a single stereo program.

The Oxmoor line of attenuators and remote controls constitute a unique, high quality system for the remote control of audio levels. Over the years, many audio professionals around the world have come to rely upon our remote volume control products, especially in situations where other remote volume controls have failed to meet quality and long-term wear and tear standard

Multiple DCA-2's can be linked together to provide up to 64 discrete channels. The DCA-2 features user-assigned preset levels to control the amount of attenuation at power up, eliminating unpredictable or unknown turn-on state, as well as a "priority" function to set a temporary system level upon a switch closure, ideal for fire alarm or paging applications

Precise volume control can be provided at as many locations as required. Our RC-16 remote controls are easily wired and linked together using simple RJ-11 modular telephone cables. Up to four RC-16 remotes can be connected to a given control input. There are 29 steps of precise 1.5 dB attenuation from 0 to -43 dB, with a 30th step for 90 dB "full kill" attenuation The DCA-2 features electronically balanced inputs and outputs, with XLR connectors.


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