3 Sony HDC-1400 HD Studio Camera Package with Canon HJ17X

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Three Sony HDC-1400 HDVS Studio Camera Package. All have been tested and are in working condition.  We have checked all three cameras for pixels. We have found that @ 0db, 3db, 6db & 9db  - we do not see any bad pixels ...@ 12db there a few slight pixels out.  The (3) Cameras come with accessories, Only what is listed and pictured is included.



  • 3-Sony HDC-1400 HD Cameras
  • 3-Sony HDVF-C730W Viewfinders
  • 1-Sony ENG HDVF-20A Viewfinder
  • 3-Sony HDCU-1000 HD Camera Control unit
  • 3-Sony RCP-750 Remote Control Panel (w/ 3 cables that connect to the CCU)
  • 3-Canon HJ17e x 7.6B IRSE HDxs 2/3" HD Lens
  • 3-Canon FFM-100 Focus Blocks
  • 3-Canon ZSD-300D Zoom Controls
  • 3-Canon FFC-200 Focus Controls

The HDC-1400 portable camera utilises advanced HD Digital Signal Processing with 14 bit A/D converters. It also incorporates a newly developed CCD imager that captures images in 720 50 frame progressive or 1080 50 field interlace frame rates. The new CCD and DSP LSI are key devices that allow stunning image capture and control. The HDC-1400 utilises a hybrid fibre interface, for direct digital connection to the HDCU-1000 or HDCU-1500 base station.

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